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Automate Order Fulfillment With The Alphabot System

The Alphabot System dramatically improves e-Grocery order fulfillment and provides significantly enhanced capability versus other goods-to-picker technologies. An Alphabot-powered micro-fulfillment center can:

– Reduce human error and maximize labor utilization with robot powered system
– Induct store-picked order totes and automatically consolidate each order for dispensing to customer
– Store items and completed orders in three temperature zones: ambient, refrigerated, and frozen for reliably and safely storing food

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Two-sided Economics of Automation for Instant Delivery

Is Quick Commerce going to eat Grocery’s lunch or is it the other way around?

As instant grocery delivery players like Instacart, DoorDash and GoPuff make stratospheric leaps in the business of “convenience” shopping, the conversation is turning to automation and what role it can play in their businesses. Join us as we look at two sides of the “convenience” conversation – first from the new “Q” Market perspective and then from the grocer’s perspective. We will examine this growing trend of on-demand grocery shopping and the new operational models that fuel them. Each side has lofty goals for profit, and we will investigate the benefits and challenges of both store-level and regional automation for order fulfillment and replenishment.

Originally presented at FMI Midwinter Conference, March 21, 2022

Two-sided Economics of Automation for Instant Delivery

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Alphabot System


Introducing the Alphabot® System by Alert Innovation
The Alphabot System by Alert Innovation delivers the throughput and reliability needed to efficiently fulfill e-grocery orders from online ordering to customer pickup. But we’re just on the beginning of our innovation journey.

With over 50 patents applied for, the Alphabot System is future-proof by design. That translates into an ongoing competitive advantage, continuous improvement, and revenue growth for your retail operation.

Let’s take a deeper look at the Alphabot System.

The passive Alphabot storage structure is scalable for different real-estate and product assortment requirements. There are no moving parts in the Alphabot storage structure for maximum reliability and lowest maintenance costs.

At the heart of our system are the Alphabot robots, omni-directional, battery-free robots that charge on the fly for maximum system uptime and safety. Because the robot is the only moving part with various travel paths, there is no single point of failure. To increase order throughput, you simply add more robots.

This unique architecture stores individual items for picking and finished orders in integrated ambient, frozen and refrigerated temperature zones.

The Alphabot System ensures product quality, safety and cold chain compliance. It makes it easy to automatically consolidate and dispense orders for near immediate delivery with 95% of orders going from order to pickup in 12 minutes or less. The labor savings delivered from storing completed orders in the system and auto-dispensing them, delivers 40% more return on investment than traditional picking systems that rely on expensive secondary storage and manual order consolidation.

Within the storage structure, totes and subtotes allow maximum assortment high storage density and precise inventory control while saving labor.

The input output workstations, where products enter and exit the Alphabot System, use a simple interface and multiple sensors to minimize training needs and maximize rate of decant and order dispense. Alphabot Robots present inventory to store associates at the picking workstation to fulfill customer orders these stations operate at eight to ten times the manual pick rate with multiple sensors and software features to ensure picking accuracy.

The warehouse control system is the software backbone that controls the Alphabot System. We developed this proprietary software that provides easy integration to third-party applications and your enterprise systems.

Our unique self-service auto dispense portals allow shoppers to pick up their orders curbside without associate involvement this additional level of Alphabot System automation further reduces your e-grocery operational costs and simplifies order pickups for shoppers eliminating last mile delivery.