What I Learned on my Summer Internship - How to Work Alone

One of our summer Interns in electrical engineering was profiled in a story on the front page of Wall Street Journal today.

We were able to do some great work with our Interns this summer, whether that meant software coding done remotely, shipping them mechanical projects to work on remotely or having them work part time, safely,  in our lab (as Manjusha Chava did).

We had 15 paid interns this summer, down from our normal 30. We will be interviewing again this Fall for next summer’s program. Join our mailing list (email field in footer of this page) to make sure you know about the recruiting schedule.

Read the story here as a PDF:

What I Learned on My Summer Internship_ How to Work Alone – WSJ

Read the story at the Wall Street Journal website [paywall].